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Mom 'Catches' Eerie Reflection While Wandering Around Her 300 Year Old Property

The farm house is gorgeous, but honestly, is it worth it?

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CONTENT WARNING: Embedded video contains mature language, Images may be disturbing to some. Viewer discretion is advised

Perhaps it is the years of HGTV conditioning but there is something so charming about a farm house. When it is remodeled to have that old world charm but feature modern designs, it is beyond aesthetically pleasing. 

Jen Berari (@jberari) likely felt the same way whenever she saw her now sprawling several acres of farm property. And while her home that she shares with her wife and daughter is absolutely gorgeous, it has a bit of an infestation problem. Only her pests are a little harder to chase away than bugs or mice. Berari is tasked with chasing away the spirit(s) who haunts her property.

Since November 2021, she and her family began hearing noises and seeing shadowy figures around their property at night. And it seems from there things really escalated. Perhaps her most bone-chilling encounter came nearly a week ago where several eerie things can be seen.


A visibly disturbed Berari immediately begins calling out, demanding whatever is in her house leaves and then is met with a series of banging noises. On her way to investigate the noise she catches the creepiest thing. At about minute 1:06 you can  see a figure behind her through the reflection of the TV, though no one is home with her. 

Later in the evening as she is trying to capture something by her pond outback. you can clearly see shadow walk passed the door frame in the window reflection. Throughout the video, you can hear several disturbing, inexplicable noises that she never finds the source of. 

Ultimately, the mom says she's been posting videos to TikTok for validation that her eyes aren't playing tricks on her, and people responded in droves.

The general consensus was that while people claim they have seen a lot of "weird" videos, this was by far one of the ones that most freaked them out. Many just advised her to "cleanse" the house and reclaim it as her own, noting the more attention she gives it, the worst it will get. 

We sure hope she stays safe and gives us updates as she can!