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Woman Transforms '5 Below' Rugs Into Gorgeous Statement Piece

It looks stunning honestly

One of the best things about shopping at low cost stores is that because practically everything is pretty inexpensive, you can buy in bulk for an incredible deal. Which is exactly what TikTok content creator @dollartreedynasty did.

Rather than purchase one five dollar rug from the five dollars and below store, she purchased a few of the same patterned rugs and created a beautiful statement piece!


As seen in the quick video, the content creator purchased four beautiful 3x5 cotton printed rugs from Five Below with the idea of using them in her bedroom. Additionally, she also purchased a roll of painter’s tape from the Dollar Tree to bring her idea of transforming the four rugs into one giant area rug. To do this, she turned the rugs upside down and taped the rugs together using the painters tape, stepping on each line of the tape to ensure the tape will stick to the rug. To finish the easy DIY, she simply placed the new gorgeous statement area rug underneath her bed.

Her followers and viewers took to the comment section to share their thoughts. “What a great idea! And it looks so pretty and elegant. Thank you for sharing. I would like to try this.” @mytouchofelegance wrote. “Love this!” @deborahbostick375 commented. “They are really cute layered too! I have these!” @littlemisstidman shared.

Large area rugs can generally cost a few hundred dollars depending on a variety of factors including size and the store you purchase from, but she found a way to create her own area rug for under $21 — what an incredible deal!