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Kourtney Borman

Though her head may sometimes be stuck in the clouds, Kourtney Borman is someone who is absolutely dedicated to bringing her creativity to life. Writing has always been a passion in her life ever since she was a young child and she brings that same drive and dedication to both her copy and creative writing for Den Garden.

Kourtney has a long and varied history when it comes to DIY. She learned a lot at her grandmother's knee, ranging from how to cook the perfect fried chicken and a good pot of beans to how to sew or grow her own strawberries. Of course her grandpa helped a lot too, from fixing a fence to how to get all the cattle to come in with just a bucket of feed. A lot of her time was spent in the great outdoors of Texas, learning and doing, with a lot of knowledge being passed down from those around her.

Of course, the internet has made things quite a bit easier when it comes to picking up new hobbies and skills. The internet is a marvelous place where you can learn so much, and the best part about working at DenGarden is her ability to share everything she's learned (and maybe even failed at herself) with those around the world! 

When not working, Kourtney is usually hunting down obscure and random history facts to throw quizzes at her family members, handing her son a never-ending stream of popcorn, and totally owning her opponents through online gaming.