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NC Man Takes Home From Abandoned to Dream Cottage and the Results are Jaw-Dropping

The transformation is literally stunning.

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Why do people abandon their homes?

Well, honestly… there are quite a few reasons. Some might not be able to pay high prices anymore. Others might have to drop everything to move and take care of a family member and never quite make it back. Or maybe there was a death of a loved one and those left behind didn’t have the heart to go through their house and just left it where it was.

But, whatever the case may be, these abandoned homes have a lot of potential, as TikTok creator OldHome Adam proves!


First of all, we’d like to state that this is kind of what Adam does. He is a home renovation and flipping specialist, so he has a knack for seeing what a house could be if given some love (and a bit of money) put into it to bring it back to life. That is exactly why he went ahead and bought a five-year-abandoned house with every intention of transforming it into something really cool and modern.

And we think he nailed it.

The abandoned house, which once showed obvious signs of wear and tear, now has a brand new look including fresh black paint, an updated exterior, a totally cleaned-out and redone interior, and just about everything you could imagine that really takes the whole rebuild up a notch. A lot of the ‘character’ pieces were updated to fit the new look while still maintaining their old charm, such as the fireplace and phone niche, while other areas were completely changed.

So what do you think? Is the new look everything you could hope for, or do you think the house should have been left ‘as is?’

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