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Neighbors Swear They Can Hear Dead Couple's Favorite Song Playing From Abandoned House

Charles and Edna's 40 year marriage ended tragically. Neighbors swear they can still hear the couple's favorite song playing nightly from their living room.

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There are a special group of people who are able to truly see the beauty in things that others cannot. While some might look at an abandoned home and see nothing but a creepy space, other see that at once point it was a place of love and happiness. For photographer of such "places forgotten" Ben James, it's a little of both.

James has dedicated a portion of his career to exploring and unearthing the beauty and stories behind places that were left utterly abandoned. He has gone everywhere from deserted diners to haunted asylums. But perhaps one of his most beautiful and creepy finds was the house of married couple Charles and Edna of England. 


The couple were happily married for 40 years until one night Edna passed away in her sleep. In his grief a week later, Charles ended his own life. All of their possessions and home was left behind, wholly untouched since Charles was found. The entire place looks like a time capsule, with old blankets and trinkets covered in dust. The walls themselves are slowly deteriorating and even outdoor plants can be seen trying to make their way in. 

James explained to curious followers that in England, if the home was abandoned but fully owned, it will just sit there, unlike properties in the states. Being largely untouched (you can still see Charles's self-harm stains in the bedroom), neighbors swear that they can hear the couple's favorite song play late into the night. 

All in all, taking a look at this home frozen in time is a moving testament to true love and it's sometimes tragic endings. And as far as the house being haunted goes? 

Yeah, we buy it.