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Couple Buys Abandoned House and You Won’t Believe the State It’s In

They literally walked out and just never looked back.

We have all heard of time capsules. Some of us may have even buried one during our school years, to be checked decades later so we can marvel at the things that were popular in our youth. Or it could be as simple as looking at old pictures your parents or grandparents kept of you in your childhood.

But what if your time capsule was an entire house?


This circumstance is exactly what happened to TikTok creator Maggie McGaugh, a brand new homeowner of one ‘abandoned’ home. Now when most of us think abandoned home we expect something seriously spooky including dingy, darkened halls, broken furniture and windows, and maybe even a ghost (or two) in the attic.

But Maggie seems to have won the abandoned house lottery. The house she and her husband purchased appears to have been abandoned thirty years ago after the former homeowner’s husband tragically passed and the owner simply… left. Everything seems to have been left behind just the same as it was thirty years ago, complete with said owner having left on the electricity. And yes, that means the old, food-stuffed fridge is still perfectly operational, even if the food has long passed its use-by date.

Many vocal TikTok fans are filling the comment section, pointing out how lovely some of the old ‘antique’ pieces look, or even that some of the decoration might be pretty valuable to the right collectors. Old china, still displayed as lovingly as the day it was purchased, seems to catch the eye of many of these commenters. Overall it is a beautiful, if sad, look into one homeowner’s life. We also can't wait to check in and see where this reno goes!

Of course, the biggest issue I have with all of this is realizing that thirty years ago… was 1992…