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Man Exploring Huge Abandoned House Captures 'Proof' It Isn't So Empty After All

Let this be a lesson to stop sticking your nose where it doesn't belong.

Abandoned homes are at least a little tempting to everyone. After all. who doesn't love a good mystery? When it comes to abandoned properties, the traces that folks leave behind is what makes them so engaging. While they are gone, there are scattered clues as to who they were and how they lived. Unfortunately there are also some other things that get left behind we'd bet these "explorers" would have rather not uncovered. 

By that, we are of course talking about ghosts and spirits who haunt the hallways long after a living family leaves. One explorer recently got a little too close for comfort with some sort of unseen entity and might have instantly regretted entering the property.


As the explorer pokes around, we see a lot of pretty creepy things. The home is clearly abandoned it, with garbage littering the entire first floor. There are two haunting looking portraits on the mantel of the home that look almost Victorian. As he is making his way out of the living room, he finds himself at the bottom of the stairs. He hears a noise, points the camera up and we see a metal pole seemingly moving on its own.

He calls out "hello" and is met by silence. He moves around the second floor, shining a flash light into every room, each proving to be as empty as the last. 

Friendly a word of advice? You may have worn out your welcome.