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Woman Boldly Uses Sharpie To Draw Intricate Accent Wall

That’s a brave medium choice!

Painting walls in your home can be tricky, especially if you want to create a fun DIY accent wall. And although textured walls, such as popcorn walls, might not look that great because they tend to collect dust and might contain asbestos, you can definitely paint over them. 

Or you can do what TikTok creator Britt K. ( did, and turn them into a trippy psychedelic experience.


How cool is that? All you need is a template, like a snowflake cut out from paper, a pencil to trace it, and a sharpie to fill it out. It sure does take the eyes off the weird texture her walls have. As you can see in her other video about the wall progress, she said it took her about 35 minutes. It looks like a lot of patience and steady hands are needed for a DIY project like that! 

However, this is only recommended if you own your home. However, there are ways to remove sharpie ink from walls. You can use an abrasive such as a magical eraser, aerosol hairspray, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, or create a paste with baking soda and water. Keep in mind that rubbing the paste or any other solution onto the wall could also risk for the paint to come off. If anything fails or you dislike how it looks, you can always paint it over with another color or a few coats of white.