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Woman Shares She Started Shopping For Jewelry At Ace Hardware and TBH We Get It

Times are tough, but that doesn't mean you can't look fly.

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Store like Ace Hardware are our go-to's for home improvement needs. Having a mish-mush of tools and materials, you could feasibly get anything you needed to complete a simple at home project. Apparently, you can also expand your jewelry collection. 

TikToker @thinkermakerdoer half jokingly noted that a lot of the chains at Ace looked an awful love like the ones she was seeing in H&M for triple the price.


The it occurred to her: Why not use them as cheaper alternative all together?After all, the entire chain will cost like $2 and be customized at the perfect length. Of course as this is untreated metal, you'll want to coat in clear nail polish so it doesn't tarnish and turn your skin green. All you'll have to do is ask the attendant to cut the chain to your desired lengths and make sure to add a clasp!

In the comments, several folks backed up her observation by confirming that they have also used these chains for fashion. They claimed that they work great for charm bracelets and necklaces as well as accessories for shoes and bags. There were even some who noted that they have been a long-time solution for those who love to cosplay.

We feel like anyone who loves to do home renovations  and DIY should at least try out this alternative