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Woman Shows How to Remove Unwanted Lettering From Gold Hobby Lobby Mirrors

If you love the mirror but not the sayings, this hack is for you.

Have you ever seen a beautiful piece at Hobby Lobby or a similar store and fallen in love with it, but there’s one big, glaring problem - it has some sort of hard to remove sticker or printed on lettering the face, making it nearly impossible to use. 

This is the exact situation that one TikTok’er came across when she found a gorgeous mirror at her local Hobby Lobby only to find it nearly unusable thanks to some white lettering scrolled across its face.


Molly, of LittleCajunHouse on TikTok, was faced with a dilemma when she found herself a set of three gorgeous mirrors. The pieces were cute, but the white lettering splashed across the reflective part itself? Not so much. So she did what any smart person would do and turned to the internet for advice, and allowed us to follow her on the journey.

The trick here, apparently, seems to be nail polish remover, the kind you can buy from any typical box or dollar store. She puts a ‘dab’ on a q-tip to test the theory, applying it directly to the white lettering. And, like absolute magic, the lettering starts coming off at the very first swipe. There’s no hard scrubbing, no scraping, and none of that sticky residue like what you see in some stickers left behind - it simply comes off as if it was never there in the first place!

One thing to note, though, is the almost-heart attack that poor Molly had when she realized that you can’t let the acetone sit - you have to wipe it off pretty much as soon as you have swiped it over the lettering. Otherwise the acetone will leave a little bit of a stain on the mirror, at least until you wipe it once more with acetone. Poor Molly thought she had screwed the mirror up, but it just dries extremely quickly so you have to re-wet it with each small swipe.

The cotton pad method, which Molly tries next, works a lot better as she can dab just a little bit of acetone on one side and immediately wipe up every swipe with the other, without having to swap between two different tools.

What Molly is left with are three gorgeous, lettering free mirrors, perfect for whatever use she puts them to and hopefully this tip will help you in the future as well!