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Woman Creates an “Addams Family” Inspired Table

We so need this!

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Just because Halloween is over, doesn't mean that horror season must be over, especially with the debut of the new Netflix series Wednesday that recently aired. Many fans of the Addams Family - especially fans of Wednesday Addams - not only like to draw fashion inspiration but also home decor from this spooky and kooky family. 

Artist and TikTok creator Dark Art by Creepy Cactus created something any Addams Family fan must have. Let's find out what!

It looks stunning! And quite trippy!

As you can see in the video, she first prepped the table by cleaning it. The next step included using one coat of primer, and then painting it black with Sherwin-Williams paint, from their Emerald Collection. After it dried, she used a stencil for the pattern, drew it with a white marker, and filled it in with white paint. 

That's it!

It reminds me of this Van Gogh-inspired thrifted table

Turning furniture into a piece of art has become more popular, it's almost as if artists are looking for a new medium, aside from the traditional canvas. 

Makes sense. 

This is certainly a way of upgrading old - or thrifted - furniture to make it look new again, or at least different. 

Of course, HorrorTok loved it too, looking at how many likes and comments this video received.

As TikToker @jadechan_cosplay commented,

"It’s also giving me Beetlejuice vibes!"

Oh yes, definitely. Same movie genre.

Another person (@noturgodd) wrote,

"I want this."

I do too!

And TikToker @roadkill_opossum suggested,

"Should put a thin layer of resin on top of this and the spiderweb table."

That's not a bad idea, actually. It would look preserved and will be protected. 

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