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Any Crafter With ADHD Will Completely Understand This Woman’s Video

There are a ton of folks feeling very *seen.*

Crafting has been a life saver for me sometimes. Whether it is when I need a distraction from a long day or just something to fill up my spare time, I have probably picked up a dozen or more different crafts over the years. Watercolors, knitting, macrame, you name it, I’ve probably tried it. That also means I have collected quite the random assortment of various crafting supplies over the years, cluttering up different corners of my house or shoved deep into closets for that day when I return to said craft. (Spoiler, I never do.)

But now may finally be the time to dig out at least some of those old supplies…


So, like TikTok creator Natalie Morales, I once upon a time loved making bracelets and keychains with embroidery thread. Today it is just another bundle of strings that I could probably use one day but never did. Luckily Natalie has come up with the perfect solution to use not only that embroidery thread but also save some older, still beloved, clothes, all at the same time.

Using some old thread that she had dyed herself (another craft that would be fun to get into), Natalie darned a pair of old jeans that had a split pocket. The color looks fabulous, and I can already imagine not only repairing the split itself but also maybe finishing outlining the entire pocket for that special look. It reminds me a little bit of the time that my Grandmother embroidered flowers on my pants when I was younger, and I wonder if that trend could maybe come back around.

And I’m not the only one. Plenty of commenters are speaking up with their own stories about how they came up with useful and creative ways of using old and leftover craft supplies, giving me ideas of my own that I can use now. Others, of course, are telling on themselves and their years or decades old craft supply piles, but who am I to judge?