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This Woman's 'ADHD' Outdoor Christmas Lighting Journey Will Have You Laughing

Time to add another project to our list!

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We’ve all been there… It’s time to put up the Christmas lights outdoors, so you plan and plan, you buy all the lights that you need, then something inevitably happens. Either you get stuck on your roof and your neighbor needs to help, or you are missing a bulb and the entire string winds up not working, or any other of a hundred different things.

Well, you could always be like Lexi, creator of the SleepyOwlHome, and wind up starting your ‘ADHD’ outdoor Christmas project, only to wind up with a concussion before the project was finished!


So, when it comes to outdoor projects, I have to admit that this one starts off looking pretty cool. Lexi has gotten a few star-shaped forms from her local Dollar Store and she is essentially wrapping them in lights, using some zip ties to hold the lights in place, then creating ‘streamers’ that would trail out from each one. This would create a comet-like effect to light up her yard at night.

Where does it all go wrong?

Well, to start, Lexi thought this was going to be a quick and easy forty-five-minute craft. Anyone who does anything crafty knows you should budget double, if not triple, the usual time, especially if you are doing something new to you. There are plenty of small hiccups along the way when it comes to putting the entire thing together, but the end result looks pretty spectacular even before it is lit up.

And that is where things take a little worse of a turn. The worst part comes when Lexi goes to put up her cute lights, only to forget that her five-pound stapler was on the top of her ladder when she went to move it, resulting in said stapler coming crashing down, right on her head.

In the end, Lexi has a big ol’ goose egg and a great-looking yard so… Net positive, I guess?

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