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Woman Shows Us How She Easily Catches Flies With This Affordable Fly Trap

They don’t stand a chance!

Perhaps the only thing more annoying than flies coming into your home is trying to catch them. Here in the south, the summer heat can sometimes be unbearable, so when you open your door for even the slightest moment, chances are there may be a fly or two right there waiting for the perfect moment to come in and catch a little bit of cool air for themselves.

We’ve tried a few fly traps that work amazingly well outside the home, but when they make it inside, you need something that’s just as effective, but doesn’t come with that garbage smell.

Thankfully, TikTok “DIY Queen” @southernescape introduced us to the perfect fly trap that doesn’t have the slightest stench but can easily trap a fly and get rid of them!


This fly trap is genius. Most of the time when flies come in, they usually fly around the windows, anyway, so this trap is so perfect! All you have to do is stick kit on your window and because the trap is so transparent, it’ll easily capture the flies as they fly near the window. Whenever the trap capture enough flies, you simply peel the non-sticky edge of it away from the window and throw it away. That’s it! How easy is this trap?! No more using a flyswatter to try and kill them; this is so much better!

We don’t know about everyone else, but we’ll be stocking up on these fly traps! Be sure to repeat the process of applying the traps on your windows throughout the summer for the best results!

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