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People Are Asking A.I. To Generate What Their House Looks Like and the Result Is Freaky

Umm, how’d it know?

As time progresses, we’re witnessing how artificial intelligence (A.I.) is penetrating practically every industry. While some people have adapted to A.I. and are quite impressed with how a computer system appears to easily be able to perform tasks that normally requires a human’s perspective and intelligence, other folks are understandably completely bewildered by it.

The latter is exactly how TikTok user @lacyjflanagan felt when she tried an A.I. filter that depicted what her house looked like and when she saw the result, she freaked out.

Okay, so we can understand how she was taken aback by the result of the A.I. filter creating her house and it actually looking pretty accurate to her actual house! In the caption of the video, she mentioned how she used to like the A.I. filter but was instantly creeped out afterwards. And she’s in good company because she’s not the only TikTok user who tried this filter and was just as stunned by the results; another TikTok user @beautifullycalm mentioned in the comment section that she tried the filter and it worked for her, too.

Again we understand how the freaked her out, but at the same time, we’re also not surprised with how spot on the A.I. app is.

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