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Woman Uses Air Dry Clay to Make Gorgeous Home Accents

No kiln needed!

Whether you’re purchasing or doing your own DIY project, pottery home accents can get quite expensive, especially depending on your personal style. And if you’re doing a DIY project for the first time and have to purchase all of the materials, such as a kiln, that too can cost quite a bit of money.

However, to our surprise, there is a way to achieve the same beautiful pottery look without having to spend so much money. Thanks to TikTok content creator @sareishh, we now have an inexpensive DIY to follow if we want to achieve a similar cute aesthetic in our own home!


As she mentions in the quick video, she was eyeing a checkered dish that cost a whopping $200, however, rather than spend that much money, she purchased air dry clay and created the dish herself. Cutting and forming the air clay to her desired shape, she waited for the dish to completely dry and harden before creating and painting her desired pattern with blue and pink paint.

Unsurprisingly, many people in the comment section were intrigued with this beautiful DIY project and we get it — the clay dish is so cute, inexpensive and easy to do!