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Woman Shares How to Make Holiday Decorations With Your Air Fryer

Yes, you read that right: Air fryer.

The air fryer is a popular home staple for good reasons, it can whip a whole delicious meal in less than 30 minutes and apparently, it can help you make some beautiful home decorations as well.

Stunned by the fact that your air fryer can practically do it all? Just take a look at how TikTok content creator @cambydesign created her own beautiful home décor using hers!

In the video that’s amassed over one million views, the DIYer shows us just how she was able to use the air fryer to create a beautiful sage bundle. To do this, she simply added fresh sage to her air fryer and turned on her dehydrate feature and after a few minutes, she removed the pieces of sage, tied it together with a air-dried slice of lemon or orange and placed it on a decorative trinket bowl on her coffee table.

If you’re amazed by the air fryer’s ability to create beautiful sage bundles, you’re in good company with many of her followers and viewers in the comment section, because a lot of them were shocked by the fact that the air fryer has a dehydrate feature.

In addition to using your air fryer to create sage bundles, you can also use it to make other holiday décor such as Christmas potpourri and orange garland.

Seriously, is there anything the air fryer can’t do?

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