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Woman’s Alice In Wonderland Bathroom Looks Like You Fell Down the Rabbit Hole

The whimsy is just gorgeous.

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Who doesn't love fairytales? It's also not just kids who love princesses, witches, and talking animals, adults are also very fond of them. Some love fairytales so much, they model centerpieces after them, like this Alice in Wonderland one

Others, such as the TikTok account @purserschnitker, decided to give her bathroom a makeover out of this world, as she shares in her video.


Disney's theme park should take some notes. Doesn't this look stunning? 

Look at this cute door knob! I wonder if there is a website I don't know about that customizes door knobs! This one is from Etsy by the way. Anyways, inside the bathroom, you can see it looks like you are lost in Alice's Wonderland with all those cute fake flowers, little faux trees, and the massive moss-covered Disney logo above the mirror. Mesmerizing! All that was needed were different lamp shades for the lights. This TikToker went to Goodwill and got lucky by finding different colored lanterns. I must say, they fit perfectly, although she only used blue, pink, and yellow. The next step was switching out the lightbulbs for LED lights because these won't get hot and therefore, she prevented a future fire from happening. 

Since every Goodwill has different random things handy, you may not find any lanterns at your closest Goodwill, however, Amazon, Target, and Michaels are always good options as well. 

When it comes to themed bathrooms, the options are endless. However, in this case, it was quite fitting, as her entire home already follows a Disney theme.