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There aren’t many folks out there who don’t salivate over marble kitchen countertops. Perfectly in-line with that sleek, modern, and elegant vibe, marble countertops are at the top of every future homeowners wish list. But spoiler: They are expensive AF. So what is a millennial to do when their pockets aren't that deep? Get crafty of course. People all over TikTok were showing how they faked white marble countertops with a little paint and a lot of confidence.

Yes, we know somewhere a Boomer is losing their ever loving minds over painting granite countertops, but dang y'all did you see that result? If I walked into that kitchen I'd have no idea they weren't "real."

For anyone worried about pulling it off, there are a ton of different methods to employ to get that natural, marble look. 

Before your dive in, definitely compare and contract approaches to see what works with your skill level. Epoxy appliance paint can make for a solid base, so long as it is left to cure for three days. Once that's done, you can either hand paint marble details or invest in marble spray paint. Seal it up, and people report that even a few months later there is no sign of chipping or damage. It's a fabulous solution for  anyone who wants a change with no kitchen renovation budget to speak of, and it can be especially useful for renters (so long as the landlord green lights it). 

Would you try to rock this look in your kitchen?