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TikTok Is Obsessed With This $35 Vegetable Chopper from Amazon

It can basically replace all of your kitchen knives

A lot of people either have gardens or are considering starting one and for good reasons, too. Besides gardening being a therapeutic experience, it allows people to grow their own fruits and vegetables and save quite a bit of money at the grocery store as a result. After the crops grow and you can finally enjoy the fruits of your labor (pun absolutely intended), good knives are a must when it comes to slicing your delicious produce. However, not everyone can afford to easily spend $200 on a great kitchen knife, but thankfully, there’s another option that appears to be just as great!

TikTok cooking enthusiast @caileeeats recently shared this super cool $35 Fullstar Vegetable Chopper that basically can chop anything. Check it out for yourself!


Ummm we’re sold. This chopper saves so much time and hassle with how easy and quick it can cut into pieces all kinds of vegetables, even tomatoes! With over 17 million views and 5,000 comments, it’s safe to say we’re both intrigued and ready to purchase. “it's a game changer to have one. Makes prep so much better!” @lilboatyasmine wrote. “Consider me influenced,” @quierotac0bell commented. “Thank you immediately buying this for mother’s day gift,” @bsteww wrote. Another TikTok user @lilylandis02 accurately wrote “Wow you mean I don’t have to stand over an onion in my kitchen while tears stream down my face every single night?” LOL, so relatable.

We’re loving anything that makes prep time so much easier!

Here’s to another item we want to add to our Amazon cart.

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