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Woman Shares Amazing Amazon Finds That Will Have You Loading Up Your Cart Immediately

She's got everything you didn't know you needed.

When you think about it, life is full of minor inconveniences that we just deal with.  The wind knocks over a trash can and the garbage is scattered about the street. You can't figure out how to store your toilet paper in a way that doesn't look like a hot mess. Your bread goes bad faster than you can make a sandwich. But what if all of these minor issues were easily remedied with just the right product or tool... and you just didn't know what to get?

That's where TikToker Julianna Christensen comes in. Her entire profile is full of gizmos and gadgets from Amazon that can get you through any minor crisis. And what makes her channel so enjoyable is the fact that she buys and tried the products for you, so you can see first hand if you think it's truly worth it for you. 

The stuff that she finds is mind-blowing. For instance, have you ever hated how you haphazardly place down a mug or glass of wine without a coaster near by and stain your counter with water rings? Well, Christensen found silicone, dishwasher safe coasters that wrap around your drinkware so you have a "coaster" no matter what. 

Legitimately, would you have ever thought to search for that? ME EITHER! She also has a ton of other hacks from cleaning to organizing that you're free to steal too!

Mercifully, she provides buy links to every product she talks about. 

We'd like to formally say you're welcome for the discovery and deeply apologize for how much money we are going to inspire you so spend.