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Woman Uses Neon LED Lights To Add Some Pizazz to Her Gallery Wall

These are so cool!

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When it comes to choosing the perfect lighting for your home, the options are endless. These days, many people tend to go for LED lights, especially for places that are awkward - such as the closet - or because hardwiring tends to be a messy project. 

TikTok account My Ugly Apartment found some really luxurious-looking LED lights for her living room, which makes a huge difference regarding the ambiance. Let's take a look!

These are perfect for the bed- and living room, but they could also work in the kitchen, as they provide cozy lighting.

The LED lights used here, are the Lamomo LED Neon Lights in warm white - but they also come in different colors and are available on Amazon. 

As you can see in the video, these LED lights are easy to attach to the wall, using specific clips to hold them in place. She first unraveled the LED lights and then striped them over the mirror - secured with painter's tape - to see what the final results will look like. She then secured them to the wall permanently with the clips, that need to be drilled into the wall. However, she also mentioned that you can just use command strips and adhere them to the wall that way, without causing any damage due to drilling holes. 

Good to know!

TikTok seems to also love them, according to the comments section.

TikToker @allthingsannaelise commented,

"That looks so cool!"

And TikToker @gardentomato mentioned,

"I got that light and the transformer blew and almost started a fire so be careful."

Oh no! That's scary! It could have something to do with the hardwiring of the home, as old homes tend to have a wacky connection. Or using cheap extension cords, these can certainly become a fire hazard. 

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