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Woman Makes Adorable Christmas Decorations Out of Boring Brown Amazon Packing Paper

We’re seriously impressed.

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Most people turn to the internet for shopping. It's easy, quick, and convenient. But it can also make you forget there are other ways to get things than just ordering them online. Case in point: brown Amazon packing paper. You're probably thinking: "There's nothing special about brown Amazon packing paper."

Well that's where you're wrong! These adorable ornaments and garland decorations are made from brown Amazon packing paper. They're easy to make, and the materials are cheap! The best part is that you can use them year after year, making it an economic project as well.

Folks had plenty of gratitude to share for this great hack - plus, a couple of ways to make the paper look even nicer.

"Iron the paper and it gets crisp and nice like new." @This.banana.Life

"If you use a paperclip or something similar for the final join, you can collapse them easily and save them for next year, too." @Laura Gill

"You have no idea how much you are getting me through Christmas!" @Beth

You can make little folded paper stars as ornaments, string them together with a needle and thread to make a garland, or use them as Christmas tree ornaments. And if you're feeling crafty, you could even make gift tags out of the paper.

We hope you have enjoyed our guide on making adorable Christmas decorations out of boring brown Amazon packing paper. We think it's a great way to save money and recycle old supplies you might have lying around the house!

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