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These Ambiance Adding Sconces Require Zero Electrical Work

They look so cute.

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I, personally, have always liked the rather ‘old world’ look of sconces on the wall. They had a somewhat dramatic flare to the space and can light it up without being too harsh, the way overhead lights can be. But one thing I hate almost as much as I like the look of those sconces is having to have cords leading up to them.

Well, fear not because one TikTok’er - Brooke’s Buys - has spotted the perfect Amazon finds that lets you have your cake, and eat it too!

So what is this magical find?

It just so happens to be cordless sconces. So you can have some gorgeous sconces up on your wall without having to worry about having to hide the cords in some way, or otherwise just have them sticking out like sore thumbs on your wall!

And not to mention - these sconces are gorgeous!

To add them to your wall, simply mark a couple of places, make sure they are level with one another, then drill a few holes so that the back plating is fitting snugly against the wall. Then just slide in the sconces and voila - soft and gorgeous lighting in no time!

Keep in mind that these wall sconces are battery operated and last a total of thirty hours before you have to plug new batteries in, but if you only use them when they’re in the room and you want that lighting, you can probably stretch that thirty hours over quite a few days! I just wouldn’t recommend leaving them on twenty-four-seven because that could get a bit excessive in battery usage.

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