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Man Uses Ancient Clay Pot Hack to Help Water His Yard

Burying a clay pot or two could save your plants during vacation.

Gardens are without a doubt some of the hardest yearly work you'll put into your property. Doing it right means digging, fertilizing, planting weed protecting, watering and so much more. Which is why when we go on vacation we are secretly clenching our teeth, praying the hot summer sun doesn't wipe out our hard work. 

While we can't vouch that people were taking long weekend vacations centuries ago, they did like to give themselves some back up protection for their crops in case they were too swamped to water their fields. Entire the clay pot, and one man who is brining back this ancient technique for his own garden.


The irrigation process here simply involved burying a clay pot, or an "olla" into the ground. Leaving enough room to refill the pot, you then open it up and fill to the brim with water. Because these pots are clay, that means they are porous, so the water will seep through and transfer water to foliage within a two foot radius. 

Ollas can be a little tough to find. There are a few options on Amazon though for potted plants that are absolutely adorable and apparently you don't have to worry about watering for 7 days when the spike is full. 

For anyone who cannot find an official olla pot, you can bury an average terracotta pot and glue the base to the top for larger areas that will work just as well. 

Either way this ancient technique is worth trying. 

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