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Woman Perfectly Dupes a $708 Anthropologie Art Piece For Less Than $15

She absolutely nailed this.

I can appreciate a great piece of art. It’s a great talent to have when you’re able to express yourself or tell a story without using any words. Sometimes, creating art can take days, week or month for an artist to complete their coveted pieces. So, I can understand why some pieces are expensive to purchase, however, my budget doesn’t always agree with the prices.

It’s moments like this, I especially appreciate when there’s a good DIY and Tiktok DIY creator @diydalia definitely delivered with this simple, yet stunning, drastically cheaper version of this $738 Anthropologie art piece!


I mean….WOW! We’re shocked with how easily she recreated this using a canvas board and a pencil to draw out a similar design before using her supplies to finalize the simply gorgeous piece. The shocker ingredient, however was the coffee! We like how she used it to give the wooden frame a hint of brown.

The comments had mixed reviews with one Tiktok user writing “Sadly people don’t realize the true cost that goes into being an artist, let’s not discredit individuals who have years of knowledge on this.” However, another TikTok user appreciated her recreation writing “You embarrassed their ridiculously overpriced piece of art. Good job!”

We can understand both sides, however whether you agree with this dupe or not, one thing is for sure, she did an amazing job!