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Woman Transforms $10 Goodwill Find Into Stunning Dupe Of a $2,500 Anthropologie Piece

Love the style or hate it, you have to admit it's a pretty convincing dupe!

Sure, when we buy our first house, we want to fill it with stuff that is practical and beautiful, but as any first-time home owner will tell you beauty and affordability don't always go hand in hand. It might take longer than you'd like, but DIYing your favorite home pieces could save you literally thousands of dollars if you're ok with rolling your sleeves up.  

That is something furniture flipper Christina (@flipdaddie) is not afraid to to at all. And when she scored this $10 cabinet form her local Goodwill outlet store, she knew she found the perfect base for her convincing Anthropologie dupe.


Turns out, her flipper instincts were on point. Using some paint and a lot of detail, she was able to recreate the design of this side board and truly it was an impressive rendition. 

The best part about it is not only does she have a bold statement piece of furniture to display, she got it without even having to pick up a hammer. With a little ingenuity and know-how, anyone can window shop their favorite designs and figure out how to make dupes out of them with convincing other pieces. This is all while being affordable and sustainable. Take that, capitalism!