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Florida Couple Transforms Trashed Mirror Into Viral Anthropolgie Primrose Mirror Dupe and TikTok is Shook

They easily saved at least $500!

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There are some stores that despite being on the rather expensive side, they still have us scrolling the pages of their website or walking around the tore anxiously scoping out items that we may or may not need, but desperately want.

Anthropologie is one of those stores.

Recently their Primrose mirror has been making waves across social media and has had many people in search of a more affordable dupe of the highly coveted mirror. While some folks have been successful in finding cheaper dupes that saved them a few hundred dollars, this furniture flipping couple @floridaflipsters struck gold when they found their dupe on the side of the road and gave it a new life!

I this luck, skill or both? We have to say the couple is lucky they came across this mirror sitting in a trash pile on the side of the road, but their skills definitely upgraded its’ appearance and made quite an impressive dupe that saved them a ton of money!

While some of their followers and viewers in the comment section weren’t too pleased with the couple’s choice of using hot glue as a way to give off a similar design to the vintage-looking Anthropologie mirror, we have to give them credit that this dupe is still pretty spot on.

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