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Couple Finds Antique Hiding Behind Walls and Has No Clue What to Do With Them

What a cool discovery.

Old homes can hold a lot of secrets. Hidden passageways, notes buried in the walls, creepy music boxes, or writing engraved in the wood behind the walls. When buying an old home you never know what secrets you may uncover, which to some is the most thrilling part of house hunting as they seek out homes built more than 100 years ago and to others the creepy stigma that follows old homes is too much and they despise even stepping inside one to have a look.

One TikTok couple @hyem_sweet_hyem posted a video of their recently purchased antique home and what they found buried in the walls is quite the surprise!

Behind painted wall inserts that the couple thought were just design elements they revealed themselves to original true wood antique victorian shutters! The couple says “There are x1000 layers of gloss coating them on the front and a crumbling brick wall behind each side!” These are such awesome pieces of history to find in your home.

Commenters on the video were not shy to say they had to keep these in their home, @lady_rae527 said “That’s one of those things that’s 1 in a million. Finding those in tact is impossible. Restore! You don’t have to use, but don’t hide eveither”, and @beverleylife said “Yes!! And you should use them during this heating season! They work!”.

This is one great example of the surprises old homes can hold!

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