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Woman Restores Great Grandmother’s Antique Stool and Gives It a Magical Facelift

Absolutely stunning.

For many people, the desire to keep an heirloom within their family is a big deal, which makes sense given how valuable heirlooms are. Additionally, heirlooms also provide a rich history of the family as it continues to be passed down from one generation to the next, making the treasured antique even more special.

While jewelry is a common type of heirloom, there are other products that can be deemed of having heirloom quality, even if they may not have monetary value. What matters for some people is simply maintaining the connection between the generations and TikTok DIY content creator @ystreetstudio is doing just that with this antique stool that’s been passed down from her great grandmother. The upcycle of this stool is beautiful!


The detail in this intricate design is stunning! We love how she completely restored it and can see this easily maintaining its’ integrity for many more generations to come, especially since she used acrylic paint and sealed it with polyurethane. 

Viewers in the comments took to the videos to share their thoughts on this stunning furniture flip. “You’re honoring your grandma! I bet she’s smiling with what you’ve done. It’s beautiful!” TikTok user @spidershepherd commented. "It’s beautiful with the wood showing through, definitely a good move,” @hajehak wrote. “That's beautiful! You should feel very proud,” @floral_tigers commented.

Indeed, she should feel very proud. She did a an amazing job with this upcycle!