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Woman Has Been Slowly Buying Things For Her Own Place Since She Was 15

She is really setting herself up.

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When it comes to moving to your first own apartment, everyone has a different idea of what that looks like. Some save money starting in childhood, so they can buy their dream home and don't have to rent. While others invest in items used for different purposes, such as this TikToker did.

This young lady, Angie (@angiebeautyxo) on the other hand, did something a little out of the ordinary, as she shares in her video.


I wish I thought like that when I was at the age of 15! Look at all those cool things she was able to buy on sale when she was only a teenager! A Ninja blender! I didn't even own a Ninja until recently, and it was gifted to me. 

All the items bought, which also included a Keurig, cooking ware, a Ninja pressure cooker, a mop, and even a mini fridge, she was able to store under her bed in her parents' house. Angie made some smart moves when she was younger - and still does. And now at the age of 21, she bought her own condo, which she is remodeling, as you can see in her other video. What an inspiration she is to many young and older adults.

All I had, when I moved into my first apartment, was a used toaster oven.