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These Art Hacks Can Save DIYers Quite a Bit of Money

And surprise, Dawn dish soap is involved

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Something a lot of artists know that may surprise those of us who barely own a box of crayons or any other regular art supplies, is that purchasing art supplies can be quite expensive. If you practice sketching, drawing, painting or working on any other type of art, then you likely already know of certain hacks and tips that can help you cut costs on expensive supplies and tools, but if you’re the opposite end and aren’t too familiar with money saving hacks for your art supplies, take a look at this quick video from TikToker and artist @rae_dizzle_. These hacks are both easy and genius!

The first art hack that will save you money is taking a plastic food container and placing a paper towel or two onto the bottom of the bowl, spray the paper towels until damp and add your acrylic paint onto the damp paper towels. This hack makes the paint not dry out and it allows you to reuse it for additional weeks.

The next hack involves cleaning dirty graphite by simply rinsing it off with Dawn dish soap, then dry it off with a towel.

Lastly, she mentioned getting a tool called a tube squeezer that looks a little strange, but can be used to squeeze every single drop out of a tube (perhaps acrylic paint in a tube, for example).

These hacks won’t only save you money, but are so easy to do!

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