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Watch This Woman Turn a Van Gogh Poster into a Table

It looks stunning!

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If you are an art collector you know art can be displayed in different ways and art is quite versatile. Especially if you don't have much room to hang your art, you have to come up with new ways to display it. Art can also mean, giving old furniture a makeover, such as this furniture flip

But did you know you could do both? That's right! TikToker and artist Julie (@ladyjules72) shows us in her video how she combined a Van Gogh piece with a curbside table. 


It looks so cool and unique! And as you can see, it doesn't seem all that complicated, which means you can try it too. 

All she used was a Van Gogh poster of the Skull of a Skeleton with Burning Cigarette which she got from the Van Gogh Exibit but you can certainly find it online, such as on Amazon. You could also use a completely different poster, of course. The next thing is using an old table, like this one her parents found on the curbside. But you already know, Goodwill is a good place to check out for old furniture. Inititially, this was intended to be used as Halloween decoration, however, it can totally be used all year round - the way it looks. 

Julie first sanded down the table to get rid of the laminate and to have a smooth canvas to work with. She then used Mod Podge to layer the top of the table and then evenly laid down the poster on top by smoothen it out with a squeegee, to avoid bubbles to form. After that, she used some spackle to even out the thickness of the poster, as well as to create texture, as Julie mentioned in her video. She also used a primer to make it all sit in place and add some shine to it. The finishing touches included a little green and black paint, as this was the color scheme in the original poster, and voilà it looks like Van Gogh himself created this. 

This is a great way to update furniture that has scratches or chipped paint, as you'd cover it with the poster.