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Gardener Reveals What the Part Of the Artichoke Plant We Eat Really Is & People Are Stunned

We were today-years-old when we learned this.

Being that a large portion of us are disconnected from our food's origins, we often don't see fresh produce until it is in the bin at our local grocery store. Even if you are an avid home gardener, there are some fruits and veggies that are a high-maintenance undertaking, so there really isn't an opportunity to see them in bloom. 

Apparently we and thousands of other TikTokers were today-years-old when we learned what an artichoke plant, specifically the part we eat, actually looks like. An avid home gardener on TikTok dropped a nugget of wisdom about artichokes that has commenters completely stunned. 

Apparently, the artichoke we know and love is just a precursor to a gorgeous purple flower that blooms from the center. The flowers is evidently totally inedible, but the bulb before is what we can safely enjoy. 

Also, they are very easy to grow and propagate, so if you are looking for even a unique garden bed filler, this is a truly different option that will add a pop of purple to it. In fact, a few people were noting that since artichokes are easy to grow but hard to eat, they'd rather just keep them as a plant. Other folks in the comments were utterly blow away by what feels like should be common knowledge.

Either way, now you know! Would you trying growing your own artichokes?