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Parents of Artistic Kiddos Need This Picture Frame

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“Mommy mommy, I drew you something” you hear yelling as your kid comes bolting to your with their arms stretched out in front of them and their little hands grip a pieces of paper that is exploding with colorful stick figures, lines, splatters, and the iconic sun in the corner of the paper.

If this sounds like your kid I'm sure you are used to getting multiple original works of art from them weekly, but where do they all end up? Tossed in a drawer and forgotten about? Placed in a bin and stuck in a closet? Thrown in the garbage can after a few days of admiring it? 

Instead of feeling guilty about the spots you stash your kids' art you have to check out this option that @layerkakes found, it's so fun and will make your kid feel so special!

The mom posted to TikTok a video of something all moms with artistic kiddos need, a display and holding case! This is such a neat idea, each time your kid brings you a new piece of art, all you have to do is open the picture frame, put the last displayed copy in the holding stash behind the displayed ones, and plop the fresh artwork into the frame.

Every time your kiddo walks by they will feel proud knowing you want their artwork on display!

Moms and dads were getting so excited in the comment section, Selena Martinez said “ Omg what?! Yesssss I can’t wait for my little one to start drawing!” and another commenter, Yaya Santaella said “ Take my money lol I’m going to order this!!!”.

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