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Apparently Asparagus Go To Seed and You Should Be Collecting Them!

Every gardener needs to know this.
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Asparagus is such a novelty to grow. It is surprisingly very easy, and once it's established it grows back year after year as a perennial. It grows well in weeds, it's semi drought resistant and not many pests or bugs bother it. The only downfall to asparagus is that to start it takes about two to three years to really establish in a new area.

But once asparagus is established there is one important thing to note about it, apparently it goes to seed if it's not picked and it's important to pick the seeds to keep your crop moving along each year, as @diamondbfarm1994 has shown in their recent TikTok Video.

After the crop a late season harvest the farmers let some of their asparagus grow out and go to seed. The asparagus seeds look like small red perfectly round berries, once broken open you can see the medium sized seeds inside the pods. If you harvest the seeds, give them time to dry them out and store them for the following season. Each spring they sprinkle the asparagus seeds over their existing growing plants, which ensures a cycle of healthy asparagus plants, year after year.

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