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Interior Designer Recommends Avoiding These Furniture Pieces

The first one can be painful.

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The new year is approaching quickly and as old adage goes “Out with the old and with the new.” This saying can be applied to practically any area in your life that you see fit, however, items such as clothes, cars and furniture are usually very applicable around this time of year. And if you’re anxious to use your gift cards that you raked up from the holiday season and are on the hunt for the latter, then we have a few suggestions to make your furniture shopping experience a bit easier.

As recommended by TikTok user and interior designer @mrphoenixgrey, you’ll want to avoid the following three pieces of furniture when looking to upgrade the furniture in your space.

The first piece of furniture he suggests you do not purchase is platform and surround bed frames. This is because most of these beds come out way further than the actual bed themselves which is the main issue with these styles of beds. Although they’re trendy, cute and modern, he mentions how platform beds tend to take up quite a bit of space, however, the typical person’s room isn’t large enough to comfortably fit these and it’s highly likely that you’ll stub a toe or hit your shins quite often as a result.

The next furniture piece he recommends to avoid purchasing is matching furniture sets for your living room or bedroom. This may come off a bit surprising for some folks, however, he says it gives off “big box store on clearance” vibes. He instead recommends taking your time to purchase furniture pieces you like over time and buying from a variety of places.

Lastly, he recommends to never purchase sofas that lack middle support. This is especially important to keep in mind because if there isn’t any middle support, the structural integrity will be little to none. Instead, he recommends to consider making a nice investment on your sofa considering this is likely a piece that you use every day.

Of course, buy what you like and do what you feel is best, but these tips are helpful!

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