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For Anyone Who Needs Privacy But Has an Awkward  Window That Can’t Hang a Curtain, This Trick Is For You

It really works and looks great too!

Let’s be real - we all have that one window… That one window that just, no matter what kind of curtains we have tried, is just too hard to actually block off. Maybe it is a small window over your door or a weird off-to-the-side one that is weirdly shaped. We tend to see the odder-shaped or placed windows in older houses, but even newer houses have their own oddities.

But we’ve got one handy dandy trick you can use, today, to block off even the weirdest little window that you’ve got.


Molly of the RenegadeHome has just such a window. The door that leads out to her garage is a bit weirdly shaped and she almost always has someone going in and out of said door, so any curtains tend to fall from the use. After all, curtain rods aren’t really made to handle being slammed constantly or being tugged by the wind of the door opening and closing.

So what is Molly’s easy fix? Clear contact paper from your local dollar store. Yes, you don’t even have to run to Amazon for this quick fix, and it will look just as nice as anything else that you could buy without making more of a fuss.

Simply spray your window down with a bit of water to help give the contact paper something to adhere to, cut out a shape larger than what you need, then peel the backing and stick the paper to the window. Smooth the whole thing out with a credit card or something else that has a sharp, yet flat, edge, to make sure that you don’t have any odd bubbles. Wrap up the project by taking a craft knife and tracing it along the edge to remove the excess paper, and voila! ‘Frosted’ window for less than two dollars!

Best thing - this hack works for literally any window in your house. So go crazy and frost them all!