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Dad Designs Genius Cushion to Pad Fireplace Base to Protect Clumsy Baby

This is a smart move.

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As a parent, you want to make sure that your home is childproof, such as anchoring furniture to the walls, so the little ones don't hold on to or even climb up on them. And sometimes, you just have to improvise to keep the little ones safe.

That's what TikTok creator Lauren Norene and her husband did with their fireplace since fireplaces are not necessarily child-friendly. Let's see what they did exactly!

That's a great move, and quite important!

As demonstrated in the video, her husband built a bench along the fireplace with a bunch of scrapwood, which he secured with screws. He then used their old mattress topper as cushions, which he glued to the bench. And lastly, they got fabric to cover it and turn the bench into a soft cushioned protection that hides the sharp edges of the fireplace and therefore makes it childproof. 

However, if the bench is fireproof is another story, but it looks like it can easily be removed. 

TikTok also thought it was a smart move, except the choice of color wasn't the best one, as it looks similar to the blue color, Walmart carries.

As one person (@connorbishoff1_) said,

"The color choice could’ve been better but it looks great."

I agree, and I think the color works just fine.

Another TikToker (@driverpicksthemusic82) commented,

"Smart! I literally have a half-inch scar on my forehead from a fireplace when I was about 1 year old!"

Seems to be a common accident for many who grew up in a home with a fireplace.

And TikToker @dianaggraham posted,

"I cracked my head open on a fireplace as a 2-year-old very good idea."

Oh no! Fireplaces seem to be dangerous for multiple reasons. 

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