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Guys Slides Into Designer's DMs and She Ends Up Transforming His Bachelor Pad In 72 Hours

Designer Galey Alix took his bachelor pad and made it a mini man mansion.

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Admitting your weaknesses isn't weak. Some have a knack for interior design, others do not, And that is totally ok; knowing when to ask for help is half the battle. And one bachelor knew he could use a a great deal of help making his home his own private oasis. So he did want any man would do: He slid into Galey Alix's DMs.

The financier by day and designer by weekend, Alix's specializes in transforming spaces with her keen eye and hard work ethic in a matter of 48-72 hours. In a recent TikTok post, she showed how she got it done for one lucky bachelor. 


Yes folks, all *that* happened in one weekend. Each room was methodically and expertly executed with elements that were stylized without looking too gendered. Her use of natural elements really tied the entire design together, and she made that outdoor space look cooler than any resort we've ever seen.

Followers were dying to know how she pulled it off and while she cannot disclose the client's budget, she did note that with a few Target trips. HomeGoods runs and a little DIY, we was able to make this all happen $30k under budget. To say he was thrilled is an understatement. 


She also made sure to let people know that the only thing they discussed was the budget, and he left design completely up to her. In fact, that is one of her rules: Clients have to blindly and completely trust her vision. Naturally she dubbed this dude a smart one for listening and clearly it paid off. 

A smart man indeed. Just look at that gorgeous space he now has!