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Woman Paints Kitchen Back-Splash Black and It’s Stunning

It adds a lot of depth to the kitchen.

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Black seems to be the color not only popular with goth enthusiasts but apparently, it is also a winner in ordinary homes. However, this decision might upset a few landlords, if you rent your home.

TikTok account simplykatielynn shows us in her video, how she transformed her generic-looking backsplash into something fancy. Let's check out what she did!

The black color makes it look completely different! I love it!

It definitely looked great before, as it is a real backsplash made with tiles. But I get it, sometimes you just need a drastic change in appearance. 

For this DIY project, this creator used "Valspar Reserve Primer and Paint," in the color black. As you can see, she first put - what looks like - a coat of white paint or primer on, let it dry, and then she painted it black. 

And tada a new backsplash that now looks like a million bucks.

According to the comments section, TikTok loved it too!

TikToker @michellegorski posted,

"I was really nervous for you at first but dang I love this!"

Yes, it definitely came out great. Especially since there is a stronger contrast now, with the color of the cabinets.

However, some people on TikTok weren't too fond of the black backsplash idea, as one TikToker (@tweeter35) wrote,

"No, it's too dark."

It's not for everyone, that's for sure. 

And TikToker @ashley_hererra commented,

"You should re-grout it with grey grout, that would look good."

That's a great idea!

Would you dare paint your backsplash black or use black peel-and-stick paper instead?

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