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This Is a Brilliant and Inexpensive Way to Have a Cool Photo Backdrop for Parties

It'll look great on the 'gram!

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Got friends or fellows coming over and needing to decorate for a party? Need to do it quickly and without breaking the bank? Well, you’re in luck because we have a super easy hack that is perfect for decorating at least one space and making it the perfect backdrop for any photo wall!


Marie is a former event planner and now runs the TikTok channel Family Fun Director, and while she only has one video on there so far, that first one is great! We also can’t wait to see what she comes up with in the future, so it was an instant follow from us.

As for this video, Marie is showing us exactly how we can make an Instagram-ready photo background for less than $10, and you are going to want to take ALL of the notes! Luckily it's nothing crazy or hard to do - you just need some crepe paper, a pencil, and a few other decorations to go with your party’s aesthetic!

The key to these photo walls is to pick a space and get lots of creche paper, then pretty much create streamers, but here is the trick. You’ll want to use a pencil, threaded through the middle of the creche paper, to help keep everything nice and neat. Pick your first color, then tape one end, and just use the pencil to roll out your paper, cutting them all around the same length once you get to the end.

To wrap up the whole look, just get a cheap packet of balloons and just add them to the top, or around the sides, of your new photo wall. Marie herself used rainbow color paper with plain white balloons, and the overall look is both stunning and fairly cheap. Better yet, she still has plenty of paper left over so she could easily create another wall, or just save it for her next party!

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