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Parents Build Replica of Disney World Castle In Their Backyard

UM, adopt us please...

The love parents have for their kids is endless. Many moms and dads go to no ends to ensure their kids are happy, whether that involves building their children the coolest bed, creating a magical play space, or giving their kids bedroom a dreamy makeover.

This is no different for these parents of the TikTok account, @andygomez100. These parents brought the “most magical place on Earth,” better known as Disney World, to their backyard and wow, their kids are lucky!


The manicured bushes and lanterned lights outside the replica the castle is so spot on and is so cool! We’re so curious with how long this project took to complete and what the inside looks like!

The viewers in the comments are curious as well. “Ummm, don’t leave us hanging! We need to see the inside!!” TikTok user @amf101 wrote. “The inner child in me wants to go explore the castle,” another TikTok user @mellyd_1231 commented. Umm, we definitely agree. “That’s every little girls dream,” another user wrote. “Excuse me!!! I would like one of these please,” TikTok user @Schatz224 said. “Parent(s) of the year award.. here take it,” @cody.taurus commented. “Tour right now please & thank you,” @theblossomingmomma wrote.

We’re sure their kids love this awesome replica of the Disney World castle! Hopefully, we can get a tour on the inside of the castle soon.