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Woman Turns Flower Stem Into Gorgeous Bangle

We want one!

Whether you’re a plant parent, gardening enthusiast, or a person who simply adores the outdoors, one thing we all know for sure is nature boasts so many beautiful plants that we’ve grown to care for, appreciate and love.

While some of us opt to take a picture of nature’s lovely landscaping, others get inspired and choose to take a different approach to showcase their love of plants. Such is the case with TikTok user @gardeningmaidenchina who unbelievably created a beautiful piece of jewelry using a flower stem!


How amazingly beautiful is this bangle bracelet? The intricacy of it is so gorgeous and special. We would’ve never thought a flower stem could somehow easily be transformed into a piece of jewelry. This is so unique and will make a beautiful gift for loved one to celebrate an anniversary, graduation or as a ‘just because’ gift. The intricacy is so gorgeous and special.

Followers in the comments section loved this unique bangle as well. "Some folks creativity and talent... and vision is outright awesomeness,” @abbielongshore wrote. “Holy banana hammocks!!! That’s beautiful!!” @kikisch27 commented. “That is STUNNING,” @.cannabis_ commented. “I want one!” @annasahl512 wrote. “Oh wow, that is so cool! Ive never thought to do something like that before,” @woof_wolfy commented. “Where does this genius come from? So cool!” @annagranum wrote.

The creator of the video wrote that this stem comes from the plant called Jasminum cinnamomifolium Kobuski var. axillare Kobuski. We’ve never heard of this plant before, however, she mentioned that this bangle can be still be created from the stems of other Briar plants since they have a thicker woody, prickly or thorny stems.