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Woman Converts 90s Barbie Convertible Into Cutest Planter Ever

Come on Barbie, let’s go… planting?

Growing up, I loved playing with my Barbie dolls. I had quite a few Barbies and especially looked forward to my birthday and the Christmas holiday when I could put in a request to receive something to add to my Barbie collection. One of my favorite Barbie gifts I received was the convertible. I liked it so much and would keep it clean that I could never imagine purposely making it dirty; that is until now.

TikTok user @paul_bleeker shared how she transformed the 90s Barbie convertible into a cute and stylish planter and while my inner child is furious with the amount of soil that’s actually in the car, the adult me is highly impressed with this nostalgic planter!


Isn’t this so cute?! I loved that she took this old school toy and converted it into the cutest girly planter by adding some soil and cute pink flowers into the convertible seats after thoroughly cleaning it.

People took to the comments to share their love of this cute planter and even offered their own tips. “I love it so much!! Did you put drainage holes in it? If not then your plant can get root rot from stale water,” TikTok user @jewels_and_sunshine shared. “Okay but what if you made two small plants sit in the seats,” @syyrruupp wrote. “This is so cute I love it,” @monalunalvr commented.

This takes me back to my childhood and I love it. If you happen to have this toy or something similar and want to try this out, remove the batteries and electrical components before converting the toy into a planter.