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Mom Concocts Brilliant and Useful Way to Display Barbies

Would have died for this as a kid!

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As kids growing up in the 90s, it truly was a Barbie world. For many of us Barbie fans, we not only had the popular dolls, but we also had other Barbie items including the Barbie convertible, the dream house, the outfits, and the bedroom sets. Our weekend schedules were often filled with time dedicated to playing with our Barbies and when we finally finished playing with them, we’d put them away in our toy box, only to be seen when we opened our toy chest and played them with again the next time.

While many of us had no issue putting our Barbies in our toy boxes, this Barbie doll display created by TikTok user and mom @mom_thang would have been a dream!


As seen in the video, the mom of three created doll shelves for her girls to display all of their dolls and it’s too cute! After building the shelves, she painted them a bright pink color, similar to the Barbie pink color Barbie fans are familiar with, and placed all of their dolls in the shelves.

Much like her viewers and followers in the comment section, we’re amazed by this mom’s creative display for her daughters’ dolls.

To create these shelves she used three 4’ boards that only cost $3 each and two 4’ dowel rods and painted the shelves using only a can of sample paint that she bought for $4 — what a steal of a deal!