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This Black Barndominium Is Nicer Than Most Traditional Homes (and Costs Way Less)

This could be a great alternative for first-time buyers

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Growing up, if someone would have mentioned living in a barn, my child mind would have immediately thought of big barrels of hay everywhere, horses in a stable, chicken and roosters wandering throughout the entry way and cows in a distance grazing the green grass. However, now that I’m an adult, if someone mentions living in a barn today, specifically a barndominium, I am anxious to see what their space looks like.

Thanks to social media and HGTV, barndominiums have become a popular and more affordable housing option than traditional single family homes considering how expensive the traditional housing market is. But don’t just take my word for it; if you need some convincing as to why barndominiums may be the preferred way to go check out this stylish barndominium from TikTok user @samanthashaswaun.

Built in Indiana, this gorgeous barndominium is a dream! We love how huge this home is, as well as the tall ceilings and modern features. Our favorite space in the home has to be the open living and kitchen areas that seamlessly flow into one another and the spaciousness in the home makes it so welcoming. Another perk to this type of living is the amount of land they have surrounding their huge custom-built home.

While we’re not exactly sure how much this barndominuim cost to build, it’s a strong possibility that it was cheaper and more affordable to go this route as opposed to purchasing or building a regular home for a few reasons according to Parade:

  • A barndominium is built on a concrete foundation without a basement.
  • The exterior is framed in metal sheeting instead of typical wood and siding on a traditional home.
  • Barndominiums feature an open-concept design that requires fewer labor costs.

Although the cost to build a barndominium is typically cheaper than a regular house, the cost could increase can depend on a variety of factors including materials, finishes and floor plans that you choose to use for your home.

The best thing about bardominium builds is you can customize them any way you choose to fit your style and budget.

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