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Man Turns Wall Cabinets Into Base Cabinet and the Results Speak for Themselves

It’s a total transformation.

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There have been plenty of times when I wanted to start some sort of home renovation project only to realize that I didn’t have exactly what I needed or that the idea that I had in my head simply wasn’t functional when it came to real-world applications. And sadly, I don’t have the experience to turn Ikea cabinets into a great workbench, or something similar!

But occasionally I see a project, such as this one where Titan Builders turned wall cabinets into floor cabinets, and I seriously wonder if I can do something similar myself!


Sometimes life just hands you lemons and you kind of have to just roll with it. Such is the case when you want to make a base cabinet, perhaps for tools or storage, but all you have are wall-mounted cabinets! But fear not because there is a fairly simply remedy that can allow you to use those same cabinets but switch it up with just a few modifications.

For this build, you will obviously want the wall cabinet, and figure out the space where you are wanting it to go. You will also need some extra wood because you are going to cut some down for the sides, front, and the top support, as well as a toe cap to go underneath so you aren’t stubbing your toes on the edge each and every time you go to get into said cabinet.

Follow all of the directions per the Titan Builders creator, which should see you creating a simple toe cap, adding all the extra pieces to the side and top, then screwing everything into place against the wall. The end result should be a perfectly useable base cabinet which you can then further modify, such as adding a quartz countertop of mounting side brackets for even more storage space!

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