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Couple Converts Basement Into Apartment That Ends Up Being Nicer Than Their Whole House

We’d live there.

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Home renovations are never really easy, but when you have the space, patience, the the right team and skills to make it happen, it makes the process much more fun. While we’ve witnessed a few failed home renovations that we’re sure didn’t yield the results the owners were hoping for, we can say the total opposite about this DIY renovation from this couple.

TikTok content creator @splorin.lauren and her partner took their time renovating their basement and the result was so worth it!

Ummm, how amazing is this DIY renovation?! The couple took this on as their first major renovation project and after four months of working weekends and late nights and learning everything as they went along, they create a stellar apartment that practically anyone would want to live in! With the help of Ikea appliances, they built a beautiful dark green and bright white kitchen and did majority of the work themselves to save as much money as possible. In total, they invested $40,000 in materials and specialized contractors and it appears to be worth it; they listed online for rent and after having numerous viewings, they were able to rent out to a great tenant within 24 hours.

We’re not shocked that they were able to quickly rent out the property as fast as they did — the renovation is absolutely beautiful!

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