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Woman Explains the Rules for Making Her “Basket Method” Work

And now we have to try it.

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We’re always looking for ways to combat the clutter in our homes. As many parents know, clutter builds up quite easily and quickly when you have little ones around who are curious and want to hold onto just about everything. Thankfully, if you are experiencing major clutter issue in your home, we have a great solution for you.

Use the basket method!

Courtesy of TikTok content creator @organizedchaos4, this method not only is quite simple and easy for practically everyone in the household to do, but it’s genius!

If you’re not familiar with the basket method, it simply involves placing items — toys, pens, journals and any other random items — into their own respective baskets. While the baskets she uses for her household are quite small, she purposely does this so it makes it easier for everyone in the household to put things away when it’s time and to avoid creating a “doom basket” that will sit around while filled to the brim with random objects and ultimately cause this method to fail.

There are three additional simple rules besides using small baskets in order to make this simple method work. For starters, each basket must be emptied weekly and each child should has to have their own baskets. Next, perishables must have their own basket and that basket has to live in the kitchen.

Easy enough, right? Happy tidying!

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